Bianca, I just wanted to offer a few thoughts on this entire experience of the selling of the home you sold for us. First of all, ambitious; you were so eager to get to work on making this happen, I got excited because of your excitement! You were very informative on what the process involved, showed us all the options, made suggestions, listened intently, and most of all were so positive!! You worked very hard, and in my mind you earned every penny and then some, with all of the hard work you did! When I needed advise, needed to be organised, needed a gentle push, or a listening ear, you were there! Integral Reality is very very very lucky to have someone like yourself as part of their team! I was and am lucky to have you be part of mine as well!! I have and will recommend you in the highest level to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property! You were great, never afraid to get your hands dirty, work hard, and stay positive! Thank you so much for all of your efforts, and your continued ones as we are not done yet!! Thanks again so much!